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St. Mary's High School Hockey

The St. Mary’s ice hockey program is focused on the overall athletic development of players while creating pathways to college hockey, junior hockey, and beyond for aspiring athletes. The program is inspired by Director Domenico Pittis who joined St. Mary’s in 2021, where he serves as Hockey Director and Head Coach for the boys and girls varsity teams. Coach Dom is now capitalizing on his nearly 20 years of professional player experience in the NHL, AHL, and European hockey league and his eight years of coaching experience within the Calgary Flames organization. Under Coach Dom’s leadership, St. Mary’s has become the first high school in California to have a girl’s ice hockey program. 

As with all St. Mary’s sports, the hockey program focuses on the total person spiritually, intellectually, creatively, socially, and physically. Student athletes are exposed to a challenging academic environment in a top-notch college preparatory school. And all student athletes are encouraged to take advantage of the multi-sport athletic opportunities available at St. Mary’s. The St Mary’s athletic department has an impressive track record of success with St. Mary’s alumni playing in college, on professional teams, and in the Olympic games.

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Domenic Pittis

Director of Hockey